About Us

Silicon Valley Youth Channel is a nonprofit organization made to promote understanding among Silicon Valley Youth through providing an online platform for student journalism.


Nicole Tian

Nicole Tian the founder of Silicon Valley Youth Channel. She loves learning people’s stories and conducting historical research. In her spare time, she enjoys sketching, hiking, and filling out crossword puzzles

Design Editor/Web Editor
Christine Han

Christine Han is a senior at Valley Christian High School. She loves redecorating her room, learning hidden narratives, and engaging with her community. She seeks to grow with this channel and create an impact in the world.

Zhiwei (Lucas) Gu

Lucas Gu is a junior at Valley Christian High School. He enjoys working with other students and meeting new people. In his free time you may find Lucas hiking and taking photographs. He is extremely grateful for all the individuals who have supported him and is excited to work with the SVYC Team.

Co-Editor in Chief
Kasie (Kexin) Yang

Kasie (Kexin) Yang is a student at Saratoga High School. She enjoys designing and the piano. She hopes to spread awareness through writing and designing!

Reporter/Copy Editor
Andrew Zhou

Andrew Zhou is a junior at Monta Vista High School. He is always excited to spread awareness and harness the power of stories in his community for good! In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and the piano.

Co-Editor in Chief
Emma Keas

Emma Keas is a student at Valley Christian High School who loves to read, write, and make art in her free time. At Silicon Valley Youth Channel, she’s excited to spotlight important issues while learning more about the people who live in her community.

Design Editor/Writer
Amanda Jin

Amanda Jin is a freshman at Lynbrook High School. She enjoys drawing, designing, and gaming. She really loves graphic design and hopes that it will help benefit others. 

Writer/Copy Editor
Ishanvi Kommula

Ishanvi Kommula is junior at Monta Vista High School. She loves art and writing, so journalism is a great outlet for sharing her passion.

Vishak Srikanth

Vishak Srikanth is a senior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. He is interested in covering current events and social, political, economic and technology topics of interest from a Bay Area teen’s perspective for the Silicon Valley Youth Channel.