Cycle 1

August – November | 2021

Editor’s Note

As one of the hotspots for technological advancement and growth, Silicon Valley has become a place where many dream of moving to, whether for its advanced education or high work salaries. Complementary to its treasurous opportunities and resources, the region has its fair share of struggles and challenges. From students to adults, different people face different problems ranging from dealing with mental health issues to having writer’s block when working on college applications.

Silicon Valley Youth Channel was founded during the pandemic and is comprised of students in the Bay Area. Our team is made of combination of writers and designers ranging from high school to college who hold a strong passion to empower community engagement, civic awareness, and media literacy among the Silicon Valley youth. As a student-run nonprofit educational organization, the mission of SVYC is to re-discover Silicon Valley through the eyes of youth, where members aim to cover topics ranging across the arts, mental health issues Issues, climate change, and more.

This issue takes readers through stories that spotlight humanities teachers’ opinion on modern college applications and a student’s reflections on the competitiveness among students in applying for college. Additionally, the issue delves into the arts, from featuring one of the only Latin American studio owners to bringing light to the lack of funding and support for expressive arts compared to other fields in the region. Introducing the local school solution for COVID-19, this magazine informs the readers that mental health issues during the pandemic area should be a part of people’s concern.

In the future, SVYC plans to publish monthly issues and frequent online articles centered around the youth of Silicon Valley and the nuance behind their experiences. Our cycle 1 magazine issue can be found here.


Featured Article

College Apps According to Teachers

Expressions of Culture in Art

Arthub, a prolific art studio in Saratoga, is unique in its own way: its owner, José Andrade, is one of the only Latin American studio owners in the Bay Area. Working alongside teachers who are also people of color, he has succeeded in spreading his creativity and passion for art.  Andrade began drawing as a…

Climate Change: A View of What We can do

After years of drought, the moisture in soils has depleted, making areas more prone to combustion. Ever since the spark in Los Angeles, the wildfire season has arrived.  In recent years, wildfires have devastated numerous parts of California, from Lake Tahoe to Santa Cruz and up to Northern California. Most wildfires are considered natural phenomenons,…

LifeMoves Mountain View: A Project Homekey Supportive Interim Housing Community

California’s housing shortage is no new news, and Santa Clara County in particular stands out with 9,706 homeless people in 2019, a 31% rise from 2017 and one of the most in the nation. To combat this issue, LifeMoves, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Silicon Valley working to find long-term solutions to homelessness, has recently…

The Arts in Silicon Valley: Where are they headed?

By: Emma Keas In software-cultivating Silicon Valley, arts education and advocacy may seem dwarfed under the sky-scraping shadows of tech giants. Proposition 13, passed in 1978, “virtually eliminated arts programs” and still has an unrelenting grip on schools around the state, according to the California Alliance for Arts Education. As such, interests in the arts…

Adolescent Mental Health

By Grace Wang Especially with the spread of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, adolescent mental health needs addressing more than ever. Learning about the causes, red flags, and potential solutions of mental health struggles provides us with the knowledge to work through our mental struggles and help those affected in our communities. Red…