Cycle 2

January – June | 2022

Editor’s Note

Silicon Valley has been a backdrop for technology start-ups since the 20th century—a region where companies like Apple and Facebook have realized the dreams of thousands looking for opportunity. Just a block away from these global giants exists a thriving community of small businesses and student life. Founded during the isolation of the pandemic, Silicon Valley Youth Channel strives to support those in the Bay Area who are experiencing new growth.

From Van Gogh-meets-tech to cultural celebrations, this issue begins with a tour of the Bay Area’s most vibrant exhibits. Even on the industrial stage, the arts scene is as alive as ever. Turning to the perspectives of leaders in our schools, readers can explore how the college application process impacts not only students but our teachers as well. Throughout the rest of this issue, a focus on education touches upon the personal account of a student immigrant, advice for time management, tips on college planning, and a break for mental health.

With the release of our second issue, we are excited to announce a collaboration with Falcon Voice, a student-run newspaper at Andrew P. Hill Highschool. Volume 2 features three articles written by Falcon Voice editor-in-chief Adrian Bao, all of which spotlight the student experience in Silicon Valley.

In the future, SVYC plans to publish regular issues, explore the stories our youth have to share, fundraise through an essay contest, and more. Our cycle 2 magazine issue can be found here.


Stepping Into Beyond Van Gogh

An immersive virtual reality exhibit is popping up in locations across the world, proving to be a new way of examining fine art up close. Inside, visitors walk through a gallery of gilded frames and screens.