Cycle 3

August – December | 2022

Editor’s Note

New headlines flood our inboxes each morning, popping up as notifications on our phones, making their way into our conversations, and eventually impacting the very ways in which we see the world. The more perspectives we read and discuss, the more people we can start to understand. And staying informed is the first step to making a difference. At Silicon Valley Youth Channel, we hope that our third issue opens the door to youth reporting a little wider, making it possible for high schoolers to take advantage of our fast-paced, information-based world in taking a stand on topics that matter to them.

Silicon Valley Youth Channel’s Cycle 3 revolves around recent news and activities in the community as well as topics crucial to Silicon Valley culture. Continuing to expand our emphasis on the arts, we are excited to include an Art Gallery in this issue, where students were able to showcase their creativity and individuality in new mediums.

We are always thankful for new members, and we can say with certainty that our team has grown more than we ever expected during his cycle. In this issue, each new writer brought new experiences to their articles on school life, youth activism, and more. And as you read on, it’s clear that each new designer brought their own personal style to the formatting of our print-ready pages. Looking forward to future publications, we know that their unique voices, values, and viewpoints will continue to enable Silicon Valley Youth Channel’s spotlighting of youth ideas.

Lastly, thank you! Readers like you help to keep us writing and creating, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store next. Our Cycle 3 Magazine issue can be found here.


Featured Article

Teen Challenge: Aiding in Addiction Recovery

Making the Effort to Understand

By Aaron Tu I recently had the opportunity to volunteer as a tutor  at Olimpico, a four-week STEAM summer camp focused on providing hands-on learning for underprivileged students. Our curriculum covered the scope of four subjects: health, agriculture, chefology and zoology. From my perspective, those four weeks of hectic fun and education culminated in a…

March for Our Lives

By Katie Chin “For me, how I combat the political apathy and hopelessness that I think is all too common after mass tragedies like the shooting at Robb Elementary School is knowing that I am one of so many people fighting to prevent it from happening again.” What began as attending the March for our…

Proposition 28: Ensuring arts funding in an era of budget cuts

By Vishak Srikanth If you notice more easels in your art studio class or more mellifluous notes emanating from your school’s orchestra, or run into more art and music teachers in the hallways in the next school year, you might have Prop 28 to thank! This November, Californians will vote on Proposition 28, which aims…

India Plastic Ban: Is It Effective?

by Lucas Gu On July 1st, 2022, India banned a number of disposable or single-use plastic products as part of a long-term plan to phase out this ubiquitous material. To employ this, The government identifies plastic items that have a high potential to become litter, such as plastic bags and plastic straws, and makes it…